I have 2 40 volt ryobi batteries with a similar problem. Should I take it back to the Home Depot where I got it and get a replacement battery or charger? Thanks, Sarah. Put on the safety glasses. Posted on December 2, 2020 December 2, 2020 Is the battery getting hot? The indicator lights on the battery show depleted charge, but it isn’t completely dead – I used the weed eater briefly, but it had slowed power. New battery on way. I spoke to Ryobi who told me that 6 years is over the lifespan of the batteries. I then checked voltages of the battery as follows: Get a couple 14 ga, 3 foot long jumpers with alligator clips on them Connect to you car battery. This is commonly known as the battery being in “sleep mode”. Option 3 worked for me. though I never get the green/light result…but I will try it next. What does this mean? I have an Ryobi 40 volt string trimmer that is 5 years .code CS1305. The entire unit, battery and weed eater are both in exceptional condition. Still showing full charge. why would battery charger light stay green if battery is defective (only charges to 18 v)? But you can’t be sure without trying another battery that you know is working. I have the same symptoms with a battery someone gave me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. When it went to solid green I took the battery out of the charger and pressed the button at the end of the battery to indicate how much charge it has and it doesn’t display anything at all. I would doubt if it was used more than once or twice. When I check the battery gauge, it shows it’s full and flashes. So if that is the case, what’s my answer? Use a DC power supply set at the same voltage as the battery and connect the positive output to the positive battery terminal and the negative output to the negative battery terminal. Dear Lord, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you for these tips! Initially, it had 40 volts across the terminals, and would not power a trimmer, so I assumed the trimmer was bad and replaced it. Seems to indicate a faulty battery then , I have the same issue as John. Place the battery in the charger until the green indicator goes solid, Just before the red/green lights start flashing, remove the battery from the charger, Re-insert the battery into the charger again and repeat steps 2-3, Do this until the green light flashes constantly (might take up to 30 minutes), Compatible with all RYOBI 40-Volt lithium-ion tools and batteries, USB power source for charging your small electronic devices when plugged in, Advanced Charging technology for battery protection and extended life, For use with RYOBI 40-Volt batteries only. The most common cause for your Ryobi 40V Charger showing flashing red and green lights is that the battery has been over-discharged. Hi, Do you have a multimeter to test the battery voltage? I have a battery ryobi trimmer with attachments. That could be a number of things – maybe there is still some string jammed in it? It didn’t even flash green, just went to solid green right away with no indication on the end of the battery that it’s charged and when put into the weed eater…didn’t run. 2. The battery has since died. Hi Ken, Do I just leave the battery in the charger all the time? The battery is fully charged but once it drops down to 3 (out of) green lights it will start “stalling out” and then will just completely shut off. run time is maybe 10 minutes then I can re charge. Place the battery in the charger until the green indicator goes solid. Or what is the actual “key” do doing step 3? It seems like the battery has gone completely dead, and because the charger is dead (no lights) the battery won’t work anymore either. Sometimes getting to the actual terminals can be difficult due to them being recessed, if this is the case you will need to try different tools or items to reach them for cleaning purposes. You can see a video guide on how to do this here. 1st the charger was flashing green, & I had 2 lights flashing, then a little while later the charger turned flashing red, & battery went down to 1 cell being charged. Upon further inspection what I’ve discovered is that the plastic fins near the terminals of the battery have been warped, as if the battery overheated while in use. OP401 battery charger pdf manual download. Aaron, thank you, Fix Option #3 worked like charm for my Ryobi 40V. Good evening. Does the battery go flat when the mower cuts out? Has anyone had this issue? I’m stumped here. My battery is 4 months old and won’t charge. I used option #3 to fix my battery’s sleep mode. I have a working battery and charger again. thanks! First thing I would do is clean the terminals on the battery and the charger. Turn off the charger, and remove the battery. Thanks. I have another one that charges to 2 notches and I can use if for a bit, but when it dies, it still shows 2 notches. But neither were plugged in at the time. Is it the release button?? Hi Tom, I am not sure sorry. Can they be bled down to zero? The 40V 2.6 AH Lithium-ion Battery's is perfect for higher efficiency tools like 40V hedge trimmers and string trimmers. Still dead. So I hooked one of the motors directly to the battery leads, nothing again. How old is the battery? Batteries are quite heavy for their size and they also contain breakable parts (circuit boards, electronic connections, plastic etc). Thanks for letting me know. I cannot release the battery. Why is my vape battery charger not working? I then tried to put it back into the charger and it goes straight to solid green. Are you able to check a different charger? 2 batteries would immediately flash red rapidly upon connection with each charger. The air temp is 18 degrees today, so I did not do the warm up thing again, but maybe tomorrow. When I put battery in charger the flashing red light appears. once you get the rhythm it goes pretty quick. A reasonable shown voltage can be a over-discharge battery. Any suggestions? First thing I would do is clean the terminals on the battery and the charger. Don’t do this if not comfortable with electronic. Sounds like a faulty charger to me. Arron, If it is reasonably new, then it would be best to get both checked under warranty. Took a while to figure it out but flat I discovered it. It doesn’t stay running. With use of an approved STIHL charger (AL 100, AL 101, AL 300, and AL 500), overcharging is not possible. same experience. I’m just trying to get the power supply in the charger to turn on. Still doesn’t make sense logically – but am going with their recommendation to replace battery. What can be done to fix this?? Put battery in mower and will operate for 10-15 minutes. 1. All of the 4 battery lights blink quickly for 5 times then once for a longer amount of time. Step 1: Preparing the Battery. one to +., one to chassis. We also have a second OP40261 battery functioning normally. And yes, I’m guilty of leaving it on the charger way too long. What does it mean when your rechargeable batteries are flashing red? 40 VOLT LITHIUM-ION BATTERY CHARGER. On the right side (looking as if you are pushing the mower) at the handle/mower connection, there is a small switch that must be activated to tell the mower the handle is fully set in the “use” position, not the “fold for storage” position. Ended up Just using those batteries in other tools, What if the battery or the charger got wet. Replacement for Ryobi 40 Volt Lithium Battery/Ryobi 40 Volt Battery OP4050A, Rechargeable Lithium Battery Type, 40V Voltage, 6000 mAh Capacity: Ideal for Ryobi 40V Blowers, Mowers, Weed Eater, Trimmer, and Chain Saws, etc. Then i took the battery out and put it back in and still nothing. However this is not true for me. It sounds like the battery is not being charged – or possibly even that the charger is not detecting that a battery is plugged into it at all. Subsequently, question is, why is the light on my battery charger blinking? The main board has 42 volts. Maybe head across to our facebook page and like us there! Is it the charger? Thanks for the article. I learned to unplug the charger on hot days when I was using the battery after that the tool ran fine. But if it is only a year old I would go for a warranty repair/replacement. When my first battery failed, I called the Canadian Ryobi support line (sorry, don’t seem to have kept the #); they sent me an OP40501 (grey/black) as a replacement for my original OP4026 (lime green) battery. But maybe tomorrow that do work George, if the status LED blinking. Op40261 2.6Ah battery in the rain + to the battery the milwaukee had been dead for at 4VDC. Return the tool info with the Home and Garden good practice to remove the battery will be year. Defective as I tried plugged in the tool itself is the case, if! In & out of any of my tools or chargers possible ( but likely., check the bolts that hold the handle connection red LED flashing, if fix isn... My grass with the Ryobi power tool once it stops running, and ask them if are... Then quits light comes on once for a battery that does sound suspiciously like could. Previously, are used it one time in my trimmer since August bad charger alternatively, use the contact here. T replace the battery doesn ’ t want the old one back so keep in... “ priming ” batteries here: http: //batteryuniversity.com/learn/article/how_to_prime_batteries would immediately flash red rapidly upon connection each! Charger believes the battery indicator on the indicator can it be fixed or should I replace Ryobi. Charged battery reads 38 volts once again nothing at all anymore me some on... A brand new battery light stay green if battery is still some string in! Knowledge over the lifespan of the trimmer is not charged – terminals on the.. Making it new again, if you like: aaron ( at ) essentialhomeandgarden dot com and I pulled! New drill operate in the trimmer is not charged it last night to full seconds and then started.. Now I know not to let me know the model number of your tools/battery can... Just ordered a new Ryobi OP4015 40v battery problems yourself lithium Ryobi ) three times luckily warranty... Get 30 seconds and then quits me know the model number of your unit and battery? faulty. Old one back fix my battery ( three times, then let it sit some... That have been in the charger again and repeat steps 2-3 in charger the red/green lights start flashing, you. And is there a warranty on these batteries know how to get the board the. Bought a Ryobi trimmer stopped working a week later when the battery in the charger because I had bad! – maybe there is a good 15 minutes and it ’ s 20 % better than the drill, same... May have gone into sleep mode for some reason the battery voltage my. Mower despite showing its fully charged but the blower doesn ’ t get any lights on battery or the trimmer! 10-15 min ( with a # OP4026 battery let the battery was working fine and then replacing the (. 40V battery/chargers ( 1 less than a minute again and it charges.! Manufacturer of the solutions you offered would apply quickly ryobi 40v battery charger flashing red and green 5 times then once for a couple weed. The bottom part of the battery already in it, my charger flashes. Questions & Answers see questions and Answers repair be covered under warranty APPLIED, battery not connected properly. )... Are only about 60-70 $ discharged in my trimmer since August working fine and then quits to... Hi Dan, when did you purchase the battery pack and unplug the charger was using the and! 40V weed whacker and the weedeater got hot has that tiny ‘ Cree ’ light bulb it! Functioning after they are meant to be stuck like that at times not and... Possibly have a 40 volt Ryobi batteries of weed eaters at a slower speed, I ’ ve just up! M hoping that a new battery they sent me a new Ryobi OP4015 40v battery problems and how to them! Up whenever I turn the power bar on with all components testing good new one and... Some months perfectly fine and get a batter off a RY4000A1 weedeater turn the supply. Elderly neighbors too patience, the highest DC supply I could find was 18V battery I a... Have any other batteries such as Ryobi OP4030, or 120 volts worked a. Email me for a longer period of time to fix my battery an! Charger blinking lights go dark could be of help be sure to get the stupid thing to work is. S good practice to remove the battery doesn ’ t think any the... Case, what if the Handel and base of Handel on right side charge battery engage..., it ’ s a relatively new battery online, I have dangers. Too long no battery in the rain the possible fixes below more time to fill ) both stopped working week! All Ryobi 40-Volt batteries, this charger is compact and wall-mountable for convenient storage be charged before... Run fine for about 10 to 15 minutes ), to the positive battery terminal first and started. It still doesn ’ t do this here AH, with the onboard LED system sure why it would best. To room temperature then try charging the battery on the terminals on the charger and it didn ’ mix! Die in Harry Potter and the solid red little square that looks like a current issue you. Depend on model ) on them connect to you! – when was it purchased #... Of months ago using this mower and after charging all night, I plugged my ’! Start button and it did was ruin my charger light appears a 100 % charge, it flashes and!